Trade promotions around the world are at record levels. The annual cost of Trade Spend has risen to 15-25% of gross annual sales, yet trade promotions continue to be largely ineffective and unprofitable.

Business need better trade spend visibility, analysis, collaboration with retailers and express a preference for cloud-based solutions; application code based customisations prohibits upgrade, user experience is a given, quicker time to benefit resulting from a global view of trade promotions with local implementation services.

Red Rock, a CSC company, has designed and built a pre-packaged, cloud based Red Promotion solution for the Consumer Goods Industry to achieve benefits in an accelerated time frame. Your business will be able to implement these pre-built solutions in less than half the time required for traditional system implementations.

Red Rock “Red Promotions” combines market-leading technologies and process from Oracle with industry-specific intellectual property consisting of a Pre-Configured Demantra Environment, Implementation Documents, Process Flows, User Training Material, User Test Scripts, User Roles with Security, Regression Volume Test Scripts, Master Data Integration Mappings, Transactional History Data mappings for uploads, and Transactional Data Integration Mappings.

The combined functionality of the Oracle technologies and the industry-specific intellectual property will quickly deliver a range of measurable benefits:

  • Redirect sub-optimal spending - Save or redeploy to marketing/ branding to increase return on investment from trade spend
  • Improve short term and long term margins with Promotional Analytics - Improve negotiation, in-store execution, and cross category planning
  • Improve forecast accuracy to reduce inventory – Increase gross margin return on investment, increase on-shelf availability and promotion execution
  • Reduce risk of paying duplicate/false claims - Reduce possible rebate “blow-out” with matched financial accruals and claims
  • Smooth demand on the supply - Improve service leads to in-stock improvement to reduce obsolete inventory and increase manufacturing efficiency