UXC Red Rock’s understanding of the Beverage industry, coupled with our capabilities across Oracles integrated solutions, provides beverage organisation’s with a unique opportunity to transform the way they collaborate with customers, employees and suppliers.

Beverage companies are facing a range of challenges in the modern economy. These challenges include intense competition, placing pressure on companies to maximise efficiencies when managing materials, inventory, personnel and other factors. Many beverage businesses attempt to meet these challenges using highly customised, legacy enterprise resource planning systems. These systems typically lack the flexibility, integration and agility to adapt to changing circumstances.

UXC Red Rock’s ‘Red Beverage’ solution enables organisation’s to untangle this complexity by benefitting from a rapid installation of this vanilla solution on the latest software which can then be maintained, patched and upgraded efficiently, delivering a lower total cost of ownership. Businesses can divert savings into digital transformation projects that enhance their customer experience or add value to business operations.

The ‘Red Beverage’ Difference:

  • Preconfigured for the Wine and Beverage Industry
  • Consumption based Cloud Model
  • Full End to End managed services ‘Run’ from Day One
  • Numerous supported enhancements added for the Beverage Industry
  • Enables role-based self-service and multi-dimensional reporting
  • Enhanced Project Controls management reporting
  • Improvements to drive financial and policy compliance
  • Offers extensive spreadsheet and image integration across business processes
  • Integrated application platform reducing the need for and maintenance of costly bespoke integrations
  • Single, open platform that is highly scalable and architected to Industry standards
  • Pre-built rapid implementation tools reduce project lifecycle
  • Built in analytics provide real-time access to information
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership