UXC Red Rock utilises Oracle technology to provide flexible and integrated solutions for utilities-based businesses. UXC Red Rock collaborates with customers to develop enterprise-wide business processes and solutions to meet each sector’s diverse requirements and operational challenges.

Our expertise in the utilities sector provides customers with a robust, flexible enterprise framework that supports rationalised, collaborative and data-driven business transformation. Our solutions allow utilities customers to better meet consumer expectations, balance distribution, optimise service provision and pave the way for innovation.

UXC Red Rock offers integrated solutions for utility enterprises that include:

  • Business process transformation
  • Customer care and billing
  • Distribution management, supply chain and retail
  • Business intelligence and decision support
  • Strategic asset and field force management
  • Community engagement via mobility and social media
  • Mobility and pervasive technology adoption
  • Financials and employee management
  • Identity and access management
  • Customer and workforce self-service technologies