Engineering & Construction

UXC Red Rock utilises Oracle applications and technology to enable business and project owners to make real-time, informed decisions on projects that affect their success. UXC Red Rock collaborates with engineering and construction organisations to provide an integrated solution for managing budgets, contractors, labour/non-labour resources, and to ensure higher project success rates on an ongoing basis.

Our expertise provides customers with a robust, multi-channel framework that optimises resources across the enterprise and improves project productivity and efficiency.

UXC Red Rock’s understanding of the engineering and construction industry, coupled with our capabilities across Oracle’s integrated solutions, provides project organisations with a unique opportunity to transform the way they collaborate with customers, subcontractors and suppliers to drive success across the project lifecycle.

Oracle provides a complete, integrated set of solutions to meet the complex needs of the engineering and construction industry. These solutions deliver a powerful combination of technology and comprehensive business applications which includes key functionality built specifically for engineering and construction enterprises.