Consumer Packaged Goods

UXC Red Rock collaborates with Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies to provide a seamless, personalised journey across every consumer touch point and to find new ways of connecting sales, marketing, distribution and supply.

Our expertise provides customers with a robust, multi-channel framework that supports rationalised, collaborative and demand-driven business transformation. Our solutions allow suppliers to better anticipate and plan demand, meet consumer expectations, balance trade spend with optimised outcomes from promotions, manage demand from multiple channels, optimise services provision and pave the way for innovation.

UXC Red Rock utilises Oracle applications and technology to provide a complete and integrated set of solutions to meet the complex needs of consumer goods companies. We are focused on delivering value through innovation, integrated sales and marketing and demand-driven operations, thereby enabling companies to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage based on product seniority, customer intimacy and operational excellence.