Philip Milne, CEO, UXC Red Rock - Rust Report Guest Spot

UXC Red Rock CEO, Philip Milne, recently spoke to the Rust Report as their Guest Spot

Please provide a brief overview of the company

UXC Red Rock, a CSC company, is the largest independent provider of Oracle consulting and managed services in Australia and New Zealand with over 650 experienced Oracle professionals. Red Rock with CSC combines speed and agility with market leading solutions on a global scale. Red Rock’s pure focus on Oracle’s suite of solutions has produced a vast installed base of Oracle clients looking to transition to the cloud in a sustainable and practical manner. As a result, UXC Red Rock leads the market with critical and valuable IP on how companies should migrate, co-exist or integrate to the cloud.

What sets the company apart from your competitors?

UXC Red Rock is the largest local Oracle partner in the region with an unrivalled depth, breadth and experience in Oracle solutions. We focus entirely on Oracle and offer specialist product areas but also the ability to deliver value across the entire stack bringing partner solutions to compliment Oracle.

With CSC we now have global reach and access to global best practice. We’ve also continued to innovate through investment in industry IP and delivering to customers pre-packaged, vertically-aligned Oracle solutions.

Who are typical prospects/customers?

Red Rock’s clients are existing Oracle customers ranging in size from mid-market to the large enterprise, from across all industries looking to embark on a digital transformation. We talk to many CIOs, CFOs and CEOs about how we can help them leverage existing solutions or introduce new solutions to help them realise greater value within their businesses.

When talking to customers/prospects what things are top of their agenda’s today?

Many of our customers are moving from old, legacy, expensive and out-dated systems that are a distraction for their business. Today’s alternate, modern systems allow them to leverages solutions around cloud, mobility and big data in an “-as-a-service” model so that resources are freed up to focus on strategic initiatives.

Strategic initiatives often include working to determine how IT can become embedded into a customer’s overall business strategy. This may include creating better organisational efficiencies, however it also includes improving customer experience, generating higher revenues, attracting and retaining new customers and prospects or positioning a company’s brand or increasing speed to market. Our team works to understand our clients’ business challenges and opportunities and then deliver the right solution focussed on improving better business outcomes.

What is the Company’s greatest challenges and opportunities right now?

I’d say our greatest opportunity is helping our customers leverage Oracle’s focus on being the world’s number one Cloud company. We are the leading one-stop-shop for all components of Oracle Cloud and applications in Australia and New Zealand so embarking on that journey with Oracle provides huge opportunities in many new areas for us. These include rapid adoption of Oracle’s SaaS, PaaS and IaaS solutions, and of course the benefits of Oracle’s acquisition strategy with companies such as Netsuite. In terms of challenges, finding niche skills in new IT areas that are growing rapidly can be a challenge for any technology leader. I’m thankful we have a great entrepreneurial and agile culture inside Red Rock that people are drawn too, so we often hire the brightest and the best Oracle talent in the industry. This ethos remains a fundamental part of our ability to service customers.

What are the core messages you want the marketplace to know about your company?

We are an innovative Oracle partner who helps customers derive the maximum return from their Oracle investment. When it comes to Oracle expertise and experience in this region, we are the go-to company. We have developed critical and valuable IP how Oracle clients should migrate, co-exist or integrate to the cloud. For the many Oracle clients looking to transition to the cloud in a sustainable and practical manner, we’re becoming their key cloud solution provider. Lastly, our strong local presence of more than 650 consultants, coupled with global ties with CSC, means we are a highly scalable and dynamic organisation. CSC and Red Rock combines a whole new set of global strategic capabilities and skills in areas such as digital transformation, cloud orchestration, big data and analytics, cyber security, next-generation data centre, networks, and broader technology services. We’re also building on a great track record of delivering successful outcomes for our customers.

What is the biggest issue facing businesses today?

While not new, I’d say it’s deriving greater business value from IT spend and assets. The cloud is an essential part of that solution.

What advice would you give someone considering a career in IT?

Find a passion in a niche area and work hard. Also, make sure you can apply your technology expertise to business outcomes. In other words, don’t be a pure ‘techo-nerd’. View everything through the lens or the customer, or the customer’s customer, and be able to translate your value into business value.

What do you see as the key aspects to building a vibrant IT industry in Australia?

Long-term, we need better education starting at the grass-roots. By that I mean embedding strategic technology skills and understanding into both primary and secondary school curriculums. To deliver it, the schools naturally need the teachers upskilled in the right areas, the right technology infrastructure and ubiquitous access (via the NBN).

In the short term, deregulation and access to international markets would benefit many Australian technology companies.

Also, the B2B technology industry needs to work collectively on its image. IT needs to lose its tag as expensive and demonstrate and articulate how it can deliver business value to customers.

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