Strategic Licensing Services Asset Management

Red Rock's licensing specialists are Australia’s leading independent advisors for Oracle software licensing optimisation and offer our clients the following capabilities:

  • Removing the risk of non-compliance - Red Rock delivers peace of mind by helping organisations review and restructure their licence portfolio to eliminate the costly risk of non-compliance.

  • Improving return on investment - We deliver fully compliant licensing solutions that help maximise the value of our customers' Oracle software assets. Our professional licensing team provides strategies designed to reduce capital expenditure, lower operational costs and accommodate future business growth.

  • Meticulous evaluation processes - Red Rock is focused solely on helping companies navigate the complex landscape of Oracle’s licensing and pricing policies. Our detailed review process analyses every facet of the Oracle software portfolio to create a solution that meets customers' business needs and delivers optimal pricing, terms and conditions.

  • Reducing costs - Our licensing specialists evaluate each potential licensing model and make recommendations aimed at reducing cost whilst maintaining compliance.