Software Asset Management

Red Rock understands that increased levels of customer audits by vendors, accompanied by increased pressure for cost reduction on IT budgets means that there has never been a more crucial time for organisations to look at how they can achieve cost optimisation while mitigating exposure from a licensing audit. Understanding the risks, compliance policies and identifying opportunities for license optimisation is the key expertise of Red Rock’s Strategic Licensing Services Team.


In two parts;

Oracle License Optimisation and Audit Defence: A Red Rock Oracle License Review and Audit defence service allows organisations to actively review their Oracle license architecture. Your organisation’s entire Oracle environment is reviewed to ensure legal compliance and strategies for simplified licensing management and ongoing support is provided to help you understand the impacts and requirements relating to deployment of new hardware such as virtualisation or planning new projects or implementing new tools. In a sample of 400 Oracle Licensing audits more than 89% of sampled organisations were found to be over licensed, under licensed or licensed expensively.

All Software Vendors: Red Rock understands that many of the underlying causes of your Oracle problems are also creating the same challenges for all your other Software Vendors as well. To help our customers combat this challenge, we have developed the RedSure Software Asset Management as a Service (SAMaas). Red Rock’s view is that every client represents a unique set of complex challenges in the way they use software and the way in which it is contracted. Therefore, a reliance on a particular technology or 100% automation is usually not sufficient.